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Leaders on Demand purpose-built business model

How our purpose-built model works

Flexible, variable cost access to Leaders on Demand

Our Leaders on Demand provide the leadership scale you need, when you need it, in the most effective way:

mentoring, coaching, and senior advisor roles;
 project-based deployments;
fractional deployments and behind the scenes execution support;
interim deployments with full accountability (eg. interim CXO, interim NED).

We work closely with you to maintain a joint resourcing plan that optimises the benefits of Leaders on Demand
by deploying the right talent at the right time in the best way for your organisation.

On-call access to one of Leaders on Demand's team

The primary role of your Client Executive is to always have your back, and then:
understand the pressure points for your leadership team;
develop options to deliver better outcomes in less time with reduced risk;
maintain a resourcing plan that adapts to meet your changing needs;
facilitate two-way feedback;
encourage the tough conversations;
provide mentoring, coaching, and extra perspective when you need it.

Use of proprietary tools

Our Leaders on Demand share a common language and are provided with access to our proprietary tools that boost leadership effectiveness.
Customer access to our methodologies and tools is included.

Membership of the Courageous Leaders community

Courageous Leaders is a community of chief executives and Leaders on Demand who share the belief that striving to be a great leader takes a growth mindset.