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David Hewish

David Hewish 

Turnaround Executive, Chief Financial Officer, Mentor

After two decades parachuting in to troubled companies and crisis situations as a turnaround executive, I joined the partnership of a “Big Four” professional services firm.

The outside-in perspective I gained as a trusted advisor validated my experiences in the real world: seamless execution is the key for every leadership team that delivers a winning strategy.

I co-founded Leaders on Demand because Chief Executives need potent people, more than ever.

My primary aim is building organisational capabilities that add value by unleashing the potential of people to change outcomes… and my intention is to be redeployed because we've achieved the agreed objectives.

A career working for exceptional people who lead by example, rather than write books, has been a privilege. They have inspired me to purposely lead with my heart, head, hands, and gut.

Self-discipline is fundamental to a team that strives for excellence. Trust is built with humility and underpinned by integrity.

A team that has always got each other’s backs, and keeps intended outcomes in its sights, demonstrates the power of resilience when faced with adversity.

On Demand Support  

I accept interim director and officer appointments, take fractional executive roles and provide behind the scenes support to executive teams and boards whenever they need to respond to competing demands in high stakes situations:

  • Stabilising a crisis and tactically realigning teams to operationalise strategic plans
  • Addressing gaps in leadership capacity and capabilities, deteriorating staff morale and cultural roadblocks getting in the way of high performance
  • Managing urgent funding requirements, tight liquidity and heightened dependency on customer and supplier support
  • Executing operational turnarounds and enterprise-wide transformations
  • Improving transparency, enhancing decision-making and rebuilding trust of key stakeholders.

Leadership Badges  

  • Interim Officer Veteran
  • Transformations Veteran
  • Turnarounds Veteran
  • Accredited Organisational Coach
  • Dare to Lead™ Trained
  • Strategy Consultancy Trained
  • Leadership Perspectives Facilitator
  • Liquidity Master Facilitator
  • Performance Culture Facilitator
  • Resident Client Executive

Selected Deployments  

Shared Perspectives  

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