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Paul Barnett

Paul Barnett

CEO, Consumer Goods specialist, Coach, Mentor, Senior Advisor

  +61 413 753 300

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I have worked as an expat for the last 16 years across Asia and Europe. In 2023 we returned home, and now have the opportunity to introduce our children to Australia. Leaders on Demand allows me to utilise the skills and experiences I have picked up on my journey to help Australian leaders and companies thrive here and internationally.

My personal mission is to be the positive energy I want to have around me. I believe that energy, in all its forms, is one of our most scarce resources and finding ways to harness and direct it is essential for progress. I also believe that the leader sets the temperature in the room and so provides the opportunity to lift the energy and direction of a much wider group then just those that work directly with them.


My leadership style focuses on High Care & High Challenge. I believe it is possible to deliver results, change and make a positive difference in employee’s lives.  When you get the balance right between challenge and care people will be more creative, collaborative and challenge themselves in a sustainable way.

On Demand Support  

I am a leader who has delivered improved performance and culture across countries, industries, and channels. This is underpinned with experience leading organisation-wide Transformation.

 I can listen, diagnose, and act quickly and am therefore able to step in to lead a management team or function with limited context or preparation. I am as comfortable on the shopfloor as I am in the boardroom and have well-developed stakeholder management skills that help build connection across an organisation.

 I can help with people or process issues anywhere from strategy to execution. This includes for example; execution of the  plan; formulation of future strategy, business case construction for technology or organisational change or team leadership. And am available for interim or project deployments.

 I am driven by more core values of Positivity, Collaboration and Accountability. I bring these to life through the way I behave and connect with people. People who work with me say that I am calm, ask challenging questions and care. When I ask them for feedback, they give examples of when I should dial up or down these 3 areas.

 I am also an Executive coach who believes that there is no algorithm for leadership, but there is a way to align your values, vision, and behaviour to elevate your leadership style. I also work with management teams to help them improve their leadership.


Leadership Badges  

  • Transformations Veteran
  • Accredited Organisational Coach

Selected Deployments  

Shared Perspectives  

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