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Trina Jackson

Trina Jackson

COO/CTO/CXO, Transformation, Risk, Ops - Problem Solver & Senior Advisor

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I love to be in the centre of the action during times of crisis or uncertainty, doing my very best to swiftly deliver high-impact solutions to business problems. I am fast, adaptable, can turn the complex into simple and love bringing order to chaos and getting stuff done.  

I discovered the world of interim after moving back to the UK (pre COVID) to support my father in his last year.  I found that I was great at it, as helping CEOs to solve their big intractable problems allowed me to use all the skills and experience I have collected over the years in my corporate toolbox.  And successfully delivering great outcomes, especially against the odds, feels great.

Now returning to Australia, I want to continue helping the C-suite to solve those big problems that keep them up at night. 

My personal mission is to deliver swift outcomes and outstanding results.  My hard-earned, diverse experience means companies can rely on me to navigate complex challenges, connect the dots, and creatively untangle a broad range of problems. Working at pace, I deliver high-quality, high-value and impactful outcomes for businesses.

My leadership style is to foster a collaborative and collegiate space where everyone can grow and thrive together.  I set the strategic direction, then it’s all about building our tactical game plan as a team.   For me, leadership isn’t about rank.  It’s about making sure we succeed together, with mutual respect while utilising all skillsets.  I believe every voice needs to be heard. My goal is to help each team member perform beyond their expectations and to handle any tough conversations with empathy.  I lead with a determination to achieve excellence, without the ego or personal agenda.

On Demand Support  

As COO/senior executive within financial services and consultancy in the UK and Australia, I have worked across many disciplines including transformation, risk management and finance.  

I come with an E2E perspective and use multiple lenses to quickly identify the gaps that often form the root cause of many problems.  I have used this technique so often to quickly solve tricky business issues that I’m often call the ‘risk whisperer’ by my peers. 

I draw on my expertise in strategy, customer, risk management and on-field rugby (which has been the joy of my life) to tackle each business issue or problem squarely. And use my many years of education and business accreditations (Agile, Prince, Program Management etc) to drive across the line and secure the big results.  I can help with the following:

  • Leading Transformation / Program Delivery.
  • Enhancing or designing a new target operating model.
  • Uncovering the black problem areas – troubleshooting.
  • Lead Cost Optimisation projects.
  • Delivering Project turnarounds (when they have gone off the rails.
  • Leading or supporting risk management initiatives (e.g. enhancing risk appetite statements, improving risk culture, refining control management frameworks etc.).
  • Enhancing or refining a Customer Strategy.

Leadership Badges  

  • Boardroom Veteran
  • Interim Officer Veteran
  • Transformations Veteran


How I recharge  

I knit - why?  I knit to keep my brain active, I knit to create beautiful things and I knit for my friends.  I have recently launched my online business with Sarahmoknits, as an outlet which carry many of my recently published knitting patterns.  What a learning curve in how to build a social media presence online!! Product development to media creator and everything in between.  

My other interest is fitness – most mornings I do Boot-camp down at Bondi Beach. I still run even after 20 years of playing rugby union – where I represented Ireland in the early days of women playing rugby in the UK.

Selected Deployments  

Shared Perspectives  

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