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The Mental Game

“ The mental part is the hardest part ...... and that’s the part that separates the good players from the great players.”

In this old video copied across from a VHS tape Michael Jordan reflects on the mental part of the game. It resonated with me because I felt the same about my Managing Director roles at work. The technical skills I had picked up along the way; but the mental part of role required an agility to switch from topic to topic throughout the day and not lose focus. 

For example, you could start the day talking about the new marketing plans, then move on the updated remuneration policy, followed by an update on government regulations and then a short primer on production challenges; and all that before lunch!

Many of the great coaches I talk to in my podcast say that you develop mental skills through breathing, self-talk, visualization, body language, emotional control, and journaling. And that the role of a coach is to challenge you so that you develop these skills.

I found my first coach when I started as a Managing Director and I wish I had done it earlier in my career. They challenge you in a deeper way than your mentors; and help you find your own way to work through what is challenging you.

If Michael Jordan needs a coach, then why not the rest of us too!

If you are interested in improving your leadership skills drop me an email. I am always keen to hear how other people cope with the challenge of building mental skills.


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