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Alan Treisman

Alan Treisman 

CFO,  Company Secretary, Global M&A and Investor Relations

  +61 406 050 226

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A former business partner told me that Leaders on Demand was the destination for executives that aren't ready to give up the personal satisfaction of making a difference that changes outcomes. I joined Leaders on Demand so I can apply my leadership experience in a practical way to a broad range of situations and add value to executive teams across a portfolio of clients. I can be ready for rapid deployments into new situations where I'm needed at the deep end, because I know the team at Leaders on Demand has always got my back.

My personal mission is use the broad experience I have obtained in the past 30 years to help businesses flourish and ensure leadership teams can overcome any setback that threatens performance.

I believe in being a team player and encourage people to strive for collective success.  I am comfortable operating in a dynamic and fast-moving industries and know how to tackle the competing priorities faced by public companies listed on the ASX and respond to the hands-on ownership style of private equity investors. Rapid decision-making is essential to beating the competition. I build strong teams that recognise the importance of excellent information to a leadership team that prides itself on doing the right thing strategically, operationally and tactically. 

On Demand Support  

I provide hands-on execution capacity when an executive leadership team's agenda demands unsustainable performance levels of the teams providing finance, risk, commercial and governance capabilities:
  • Establishing information environments to be scrutinised by potential investors, funders or other interested parties
  • Performing robust due diligence and identifying key value driving parameters to inform investment decisions
  • Getting businesses on track with execution in readiness for investor scrutiny and transactions
  • Developing and executing practical plans that address the reasonable needs of stakeholders
  • Developing bankable business plans and scale up business capabilities that support the growth being funded
  • Provide commercial, operational and risk input to ensure that complex legal agreements are practical and liveable. 

Leadership Badges  

  • Boardroom Veteran
  • Strategic Transactions Veteran
  • Turnarounds Veteran

Selected Deployments  

Shared Perspectives  

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