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Brett Cooper

Brett Cooper 

General Management, Corporate Affairs, Sales & Marketing

  +61 499 169 705

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I joined leaders on Demand to help CEOs and their organisations to drive continuous positive change, improvement, growth, and solve complex problems to deliver successful business outcomes. I enjoy working on challenging projects and saw LoD as a great place to enable me to do that. I’m passionate about supporting others with their purpose, seeing them succeed and reach their full potential.

My personal mission is to help CEOs and their leadership teams improve their business and achieve better business outcomes, on a range of disciplines from Commercial, People & Culture, Corporate Affairs, Communications and General Management.

My approach is to always understand the business problems my clients are trying to solve, and the opportunities they’re trying to capture. I help Leadership teams and organisations be the best they can be, and achieve sustainable, long-term growth. I work collaboratively with all team members, under the guidance of the CEO or Managing Director, to develop and implement clear strategic plans to achieve the outcomes the organisation seeks. My approach is always about the team and working with humility, resilience, and courage to ensure they win.

On Demand Support  

I accept interim director appointments and project deployments in the areas of commercial, corporate affairs and communications to support clients to meet their commercial and corporate affairs objectives, quickly and seamlessly.
  • Extensive career supporting organisations and teams to build their communications, public affairs, leadership, and strategic capability, with a track record in solving complex problems, building effective teams, and delivering successful business outcomes.
  • Ability to work, understand and motivate people across a broad range of disciplines.
  • Significant experience in communicating across all channels and with senior business leaders, political officials, media & employees.
  • Experience guiding organisations through successful transformation and change, including through significant external environmental challenges, changes in leadership and crisis management, whilst continuously delivering strong business results and positive outcomes.
  • Highly driven with a business development focus and a collaborative and inclusive approach. 

Leadership Badges  

  • Transformations Veteran
  • Perspectives Facilitator
  • PerformanceCulture Facilitator
  • Dare to Lead™ Trained
  • Resident Client Executive

Selected Deployments  

Shared Perspectives  

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