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Malcolm Le Lievre

Malcolm Le Lievre

On demand CEO, People & Culture, Senior Advisor, Mentor

  +61 417 553 226

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I have had the privilege of working across many industries, sectors and countries and want to share this expertise where organisations most need it.  I am resourceful and adaptable, and this has positioned me well across my career for challenging roles of which there have been many.  Leaders on Demands flexible and dynamic model suits me well at this stage in my life as I seek to share my experiences, leadership, and expertise with others. I particularly like the values of the organisation and the collegiate nature of the team as a backup.

My primary aim is building organisational capabilities and capacity based on the belief that there is always significant untapped talent in every organisation that can be released to deliver extraordinary results.  My intention is always to do myself out of a job and be redeployed for the benefit of all.

I have been described as a strong leader who is values based, resourceful, understands complexity, can motivate teams and leaders, and always delivers. My passion is to serve the greater good and one of my personal values is being totally committed to the success of others…. That means that I am passionate about receiving and giving feedback as a basis for building capacity and delivering great outcomes. I utilise my deep knowledge and understanding of people’s talent and behaviour to unleash their potential.  Success most often lies in unleashing a team’s or a divisions potential which is only done when you build high levels of trust and have their interests at heart.  I live by the mantra – success occurs when preparation meets opportunity.

On Demand Support  

After two decades of working in 13 different roles across 4 continents from strategy development, business development, turnarounds, to integration and divestment, I chose to jump across the desk and help organisations build capability and capacity. Having worked as a NED on 3 joint ventures and been the CEO of one, I have a deep knowledge of what it takes to drive success in complex environments.   I help leaders walk through transformation, turnaround or restructuring working on strategy, planning and execution with a people and performance mindset. This often involves mentoring leaders and facilitating team performance sessions to embed the transformation or change.  I am a big believer in unlocking the talent within every organisation (building capability) and utilising those talents to create sustainable transformation.  I work with organisations to co-create the transformation they need not impose it.

I accept interim director and officer appointments, take fractional executive roles and project-based roles to serve as required with a passion for aligning teams for performance.

  • Leading organisation - wide transformation starting with people first.
  • Creating psychological safety in teams as a basis for exceptional performance
  • Identifying and removing roadblocks in organisational performance
  • Developing individuals, teams and leaders through mentoring and coaching and psychometrics
  • Leading operational turnarounds to restore and enhance performance.
  • Developing strategy in dynamic markets
  • Fostering innovation and change from within
  • Improving transparency, enhancing decision-making and rebuilding trust of key stakeholders.

Leadership Badges  

  • Boardroom Veteran
  • Transformations Veteran
  • Turnarounds Veteran
  • Accredited Organisational Coach

Selected Deployments  

Shared Perspectives  

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