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Michael Negri

Michael Negri

CEO, Executive Leader, Turnaround, Senior Advisor

  +61 418 579 831

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I’m the person who walks into every business trying to figure out how they make money, are their staff happy, do they know who their customers are and how well connected are they.  Although this may seem weird to many (including my wife and kids), it’s what I love.  My father taught me this skill, he always believed you could tell so much within the first few minutes of walking into a business, and I live by it still today.  As an on-demand executive, one of the first things I try to do is get others to see the business from a fresh set of eyes, warts and all. 

My approach is simple; speak to the people, follow the numbers and get involved.  Breaking complex problems down to bite size pieces and connecting the dots through all parts of the strategy so the organisation is aligned culturally, organisationally and financially.  I am a high energy, passionate and inspirational leader who isn’t afraid to get my hands dirty.  I don’t like politics or egos; I work collaboratively with others and embrace diversity of thought.  I lead with passion and presence, believing you cannot talk about a problem you haven’t seen, so being on the ground and visible is critically important.  The only way to have real impact though, is through helping others grow and be better around you, therefore coaching, mentoring and allowing people to fail and struggle is important to grow the individual and the business. 

My experience brings with it the battle scars of multiple turnarounds, transformations and managing our own family business through administration, under different ownership structures including family business, corporate, PE and individuals, each of which brings its own value definition.  I come with deep experience in running distribution, manufacturing and agriculture businesses, understanding the nuances of numerous business models and the people who work in them.  My 20+ years as a NED in the not-for-profit space, has brought experience in boards and for cause businesses.  All of my experience provides you with someone who is likely to have a different perspective or simple the experience to fast track an outcome to help with your problem. 

On Demand Support  

What I bring as an on-demand leader is someone who acts with pace, at both the strategic level and in improving the fundamentals, with a very strong focus on continuous improvement across all aspects of the business. I love a challenge, and to help companies realise their potential. I am:

  • High-energy, inspirational leadership with a proven ability to attract, inspire and develop truly talented, high-performance people and teams
  • Proven leadership from an early age across agriculture, contracting, manufacturing and distribution, providing 30 years of diverse business leadership,
  • Proven track record of running businesses owned by private equity, large corporates, individuals and families,
  • The ability to operate at shop floor, executive, and board levels,
  • Deep experience leading integrated and multi-site organisations,
  • Consistently delivers results, even under difficult and differing circumstances.

I bring all this experience to you to help your people and your company shine, whether it be short term advice, help to run a valuable project, stepping in when there is no-one else or providing support to an executive who needs it; all I want to do is help, it’s what excites me. 


Leadership Badges  

  • Turnarounds Veteran
  • Transformations Veteran
  • Board Director Veteran (NFP/Industry Boards)

Selected Deployments  

Shared Perspectives  

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