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Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson

CEO, CTO, CXO - Strategy & Commercial Delivery

 +61 412 264 752

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In today’s competitive and uncertain business environment business leadership can at times be a tough, lonely and challenging place.  But it can also be exciting, energizing and rewarding, especially when a winning strategy is well executed driving growth, profitability and organisational performance.

With over 30 years of executive leadership experience, I am driven by the opportunity to work with executives and their teams to deliver outstanding results, long term strategic competitive advantage and high-performance organisations. Becoming the best and then always striving to be even better requires hard work, integrity and humility. I thrive on working alongside leaders and businesses to reach their full potential in a genuine partnership based on trust and commitment.

If nothing else leaders need to be flexible and adaptable to be able to deal with the ever-changing challenges and opportunities that they face but what I have also learnt over the years, often through bitter experience, is the importance of living to a set of core principles that others and I can draw upon as a source of confidence, direction and trust under any circumstances. For me these founding principles are communicating a clear and compelling vision of the future (where we are going), living to a set of standards (this is how we will do things), genuine empowerment with accountability (I know what I am doing is important and why) and always acting with respect and integrity (I am valued and I value working with others).

On Demand Support  

With a proven track record as an experienced results driven Senior Executive in delivering strong business growth, new technology development and commercialisation, effective strategy development and implementation, building strong teams and developing enduring customer partnerships I work with Boards, CEO’s and Executive Teams to:

  • Lead a business or team through a transition, turnaround or crisis
  • Develop and execute critical initiatives and strategic growth plans
  • Identify strategic and business risks and develop and implement Risk Management Plans
  • Deliver New Technology Development programs and effectively commercialise and integrate new technology Products and Services
  • Coach and support CEOs and ELTs in developing skills and capabilities to lead through challenges and maximise opportunities
  • Develop and deploy Customer Relationship and Strategic Partnership Development programs

I bring all this experience to you to help your people and your company shine, whether it be short term advice, help to run a valuable project, stepping in when there is no-one else or providing support to an executive who needs it; all I want to do is help, it’s what excites me. 


Leadership Badges  

  • Turnarounds Veteran
  • Transformations Veteran
  • Board Director Veteran 

Selected Deployments  

Shared Perspectives  

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