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Frequently Asked Questions

We are building a future where leadership capacity is deployed whenever chief executives want reinforcements to help their team execute.

There is one thing that every customer tells us:

"I wish I knew about Leaders on Demand before..."

So you can get to know us too, this hyperlinked information pack addresses the questions new customers most frequently ask.

Leaders on Demand FAQ

1. Why did you build Leaders on Demand?

The Leaders on Demand story began with a shared belief that for businesses to thrive, their leaders and teams must also flourish.
Flexible access to our team of on demand executives is a key enabler for sustained team performance. Our people seek opportunities to change outcomes and our customers trust them to make a difference.
Our website outlines why we have purpose-built an incredible team of Leaders on Demand so chief executives can sustain the tactical dexterity demanded of their team as they deliver strategic intent without losing pace.

2. How does the Leaders on Demand model work?

We have created a way for executive teams to access on demand capacity when they need the agility and scale to adapt.
Our Leaders on Demand model is built so our customers only pay for deployments, where and when they need it.
Deployed leaders act as a part of your team, work under your direction and embrace accountability for achieving outcomes.

3. How does my team add the benefits of Leaders on Demand to our business model?

There is no fee for the upfront on-boarding process, so the benefits of Leaders on Demand can be efficiently added to your business model.
There is no fee for maintaining tactical alignment with your team and updating resourcing plans between deployments.

4. How is the Leaders on Demand team aligned with my team's success?

Every member of the Leaders on Demand team is vetted, to ensure they align with the success of our customers.
Our customers have access to a diverse bench of leaders that provides options in experience and style.
Each of them is a remarkable leader who will immediately add value, while the collective strength of our whole team means we've always got our customers' backs.

5. Who are Leaders on Demand's other customers?

Client confidentiality is essential to our role. We do not disclose the identities of our customers.
Our customers lead organisations that include multinationals listed in New York and London, ASX companies, private equity backed businesses, purpose-led not-for-profit organisations, government-funded services, large partnerships, family-office enterprises and venture-funded start-ups.

6. How do your other customers use Leaders on Demand?

We work together so our customers deploy the right talent at the right time in the best way for their organisation.  Each situation is different and every deployment solves for a shared understanding of intended outcomes and recognised constraints.
Flexibility is key: the duration of deployments starts from a day and longer-term arrangements can be curtailed if circumstances change.
Specific examples are provided by these recent deployments, where our customers' identities have been removed.

7. What is the next step?

You can book a meeting with one of our founders.
A Master Services Agreement ("MSA") between you and Leaders on Demand outlines our obligation to treat your organisation's information confidentially.
You can complete this form to prepare an MSA that can be executed electronically.